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Meeting your individual application requirements one step at a time

We have long realized that our customers seek assistance from us in assessing their process applications, demanding engineering solutions and covering various aspects of the project.

EME offers a full range of services to our clients from different industries throughout the entirety of the project, comprising of those listed below:

Pre-engineering services such as project tendering, planning & management

Piling & Foundation works

Civil & Structural, Mechanical & Electrical, Piping works

Mechanical fabrication of pressure vessels, storage tanks

Revamp projects & Modifying works

We cover

all aspects

All of EME's customers are offered support and advice before, during and after the completion of the project. 

Thanks to the company's extensive presence locally and internationally (Africa & Indonesia), EME can guarantee a fast and reliable service for our clients. To find out more regarding our customer services available, kindly contact us by sending us a message.